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We use Australia Post for shipping. All tracking numbers can be tracked on their website. Click the link and add your tracking number.

All in stock orders will be shipped out usually within 3 business days.

Any products not available at the time of your order will be sent as soon as possible when production of the products is complete.

Domestic Delivery Times:

Standard : 4 - 10 days approx

Express : 2 - 3 days approx

International Delivery Times:

Shipping times vary from country to country. Australia Post shipping estimates can be found here by adding country of delivery into the box in the link..


Import tax and fees maybe applied by local authorities. Atlasworxs is not responsible for any additional taxes or fees incurred. This is payable by you and can be the cause of a delay.

Any deliveries returned back to us due to not being able to be delivered because of you supplying a wrong address , non payment of duties or taxes, or failure to pick up from your local post office in time before they send it back to sender will incur another shipping fee to resend out again.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can Atlasworxs products be shipped anywhere?

We ship all around the world including North America, Europe, Africa , etc  without any problems at all, none of our products are controlled items. If you are concerned however, please get local advise.


My tracking number does not work.

Sometimes tracking numbers miss being scanned into the system, it does not mean we have not sent it. We never supply a tracking number without shipping the item. It also does not mean it is lost. If you don't receive the shipment within a reasonable time, please contact us and we will contact Australia Post. Alternatively you can contact your local postal provider and they can normally help quicker.


My shipment has not arrived and it has taken longer than estimated by Australia Post, what can i do?

Try tracking the number we supply you on Australia Post website or / and your local postal service. Most of the time you will be able to see where your item is and if there is a hold up anywhere (example - customs ). You can also contact your local postal service who will be able to advise you where it is and how long it will take.


My shipment is held up in customs, what can i do?

Nothing ! Apart from be patient. If you know there will be Duties and Taxes to pay, you can try calling your postal service to get advise on how to pay, but usually you will receive notification to do so. Unfortunately there is not a lot that can be done if there is a hold up apart from wait and keep an eye on it for advice.


I think my shipment is lost.

If you think your item is lost and it is well past the delivery date, please contact us and we will have Australia Post lodge an Investigation. Australia Post advises an investigation can take up to 60 days. We always work with our customers so they are not out of pocket or product. If we do refund or send a new product and the first shipment arrives, we expect the same respect from you. Either pay for the goods that have been refunded or send the extra item back. We are fair and we expect you to be.


My shipment has been returned to sender, can you please re ship it?

Yes we can, but you will have to cover the cost of re shipping if it is your fault. It is your responsibility to keep an eye out for the shipment and ensure you put the correct address down at checkout. If it's our fault, of course we will pay.


Can i have my shipment sent by a courier (DHL , Fedex , etc )?

Yes. Please contact us and we will obtain a quote.