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Prices are shown in your local currency (USD, CAD,GBP, EUR and AUD).

Due to Shopify policy , payments can only be accepted in the currency where the store is located. For us that is Australia and we are only able to accept AUD at check out.

For customers with a different currency (USD, CAD , GBP or EUR) payments at checkout will automatically be done and converted to AUD

Postage and packing prices will be charged in addition to the price of any goods.

GST is included in the price for Australian customers.

Prices do not include local taxes and fees, which may be payable by you (International customers).

Payment methods currently include:

  • Bank Transfer (Australian customers only)
  • Credit Cards (via Shopify Payments)
  • Paypal

Atlasworxs retains ownership of the goods until full payment has been made by the customer and the funds have been cleared.

Frequently asked Questions
The price shows $101 but when i go to checkout and pay, the price jumps to $135. Why has the price changed?
As mentioned above, price are shown in local currency, so if you are in the US , you see prices when browsing in US$. However when you checkout the price automatically converts to AU$. You are not paying any more or any less, but just in a different currency which is automatically converted by shopify payments or paypal.
I have tried to pay by credit card but it keeps getting rejected for no reason, why is this and what can i do?
Shopify payment gateway sometimes rejects credit cards even though nothing is wrong. For example if your card is registered in one country and you are paying from another location, a red flag comes up to shopify and rejects the card. This is just one example.
If this happens, please contact us and we will send you an invoice which will let you pay by card .
I live overseas, can i pay by direct bank transfer ?
This will result with both yourself and us having a large transaction fee. For small orders, it works out too costly. For any larger orders over $500 we are happy to accept.
Any other questions please contact us.