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Covid - 19 Impact Postal Delays

We are aware of postal delays impacting deliveries worldwide due to the Covid - 19 pandemic and have been in contact with Australia Post on a daily basis trying to get information for our customers who are frustrated as they have not received their items.

Australia Post have told us that there is approximately 30 day delay getting items out of Australia due to cancelled flights (of up to a 90% reduction).  There are also delays at the other end , getting into countries , with many borders shut or government restrictions in place. So delays are occurring at both ends in most cases. This is all due to the pandemic.

Many people have asked why their tracking states the items have not yet left Australia (Cleared and awaiting international departure). Australia Post have told us this means the item is anywhere between ready to leave Australia to landed in the destination country awaiting to be cleared by customs. The longer the time has been the more chance it is in your country.

Atlasworxs understands your frustration as we are frustrated also, it is having a major impact on our business. Please understand that these delays are totally out of our control and there is very little we can do apart from keep talking to the postal services and getting information to pass on to our customers .

Here is a link from the Aust Post website explaining the impact of Covid - 19 and the delays, please have a read, please check your country status and what delays to expect.

We ask for your understanding at this time, in regards to shipping delays. 

If you have any other concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.