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Atlasworxs Alloy Trigger Guard for Sako A7

Posted by Colin Bowler on

Ever since the release of our Tikka T3 Alloy Guard which replaced the factory plastic guard, we kept receiving requests from Sako A7 owners for the same thing for them.

Not wanting to disappoint, we began working on the Medium Action Guard design first, this one was for calibres 270 Win  , 30-06 , 300 Win and 7mm Rem . We  made and tested a couple of prototypes only to find we needed to go back to the design stage again to overcome a couple of problem areas. Eventually we got there, and then moved onto the Short Action Guard which is for 22-250 Rem, 243 Win  , 308 Win  , 7mm-08 Rem   , 270 Win Short and 300 Win Short calibres. As all the trial and testing had been mostly done, we only had to adjust the length of the bolt hole centres and the magwell to have our short action design.


Now Sako A7 owners can enjoy the feel of our alloy guard which is available in Black or Silver, and available from our web store and all our dealers worldwide.

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